Location and Accommodation


Abené has become known as “the drumming village” because if you walk through the village on any day, it won’t be long before you’ll hear the sound of drums from one of Abené’s resident groups or from overseas students attending a workshop. Aside from the music and dance, you’ll also enjoy just being in lovely Abené where the people are warm and welcoming. There are places to visit such as Abené’s giant cotton silk tree and Kafountine, a larger village 7km away. In the evenings, some bars in Abené have live traditional music or DJ’s playing. If you like going to the beach, it takes about 15 – 25 mins to walk there (depending on your pace and route) and there are now a number of little bars including with wifi. Walking into the village, there are many shops that seem to sell everything (nearly!) from water to flip-flops and phone credit. Abené has many stalls selling fruit or traditional arts, crafts, clothes and material. There is also a school, hospital, dentist, doctors, pharmacy and internet cafes.

Abene Festival

The Abené Festival runs between 26th December and 2nd January, and tickets to the evening performances will be included in the workshop fee. The New Year’s celebrations on the beach in Abené is regularly attended by people from all over, and is not to be missed with plenty of spontaneous live music in different areas alongside the more organised celebrations at certain venues.

Your Accommodation

You will be staying and attending the classes at the same venue which is conveniently located between the beach and the village centre. The accommodation consists of round buildings with two rooms. Each room has either double or twin beds and most have an ensuite toilet and shower (unheated). At the front is a large bar / eating area where local groups will also be invited to perform on some of the evenings.